LOREN *Limited Edition*

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With equal parts passion, elegance, and strength, Loren serves up a most luxurious, forbidden fruit with international flair and award winning style. Attainable if you dare, it’s the apple that meets the eye, nurtured by the tree of hearts.

The Loren silhouette combines python and the ultimate luxury young suede interior, embellished with the silver platinum leaf swirls with eight one-carat heart shaped, precious stones of emerald, sapphire, ruby, pink or white diamonds.





Behind the Bag: with Dominie

Q: Who or what was your source of inspiration when designing the Loren?

Dominie: I wanted to pay tribute to one of the fashion icons from my family’s Italian heritage. Sofia Loren is captivating. She’s exotic and romantic, yet fierce and formidable. Exotic goddess of the garden. It’s like she was in the Garden of Eden, with the tree of hearts, and took that snake and made a handbag out of him!

Q: What can you tell us about the delicate curves and scrollwork on this bag? Why python?

Dominie: The pleating and scallop is very feminine, and the python is intimidating, so it shows strength and power. That’s why I chose that combination together. (I like to think of the Garden of Eden story as more of a romance than a fight between good and evil. Maybe there’s an alternate reality kind of thing in there…)

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