3 Bottle Vino Tote - Black Leather Trim

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At 12”H x10”W x 5”D, The Stadium and Arena friendly D by Dominie Clear Wine Tote is a bucket-style bag designed to accommodate 3 bottles of your favorite beverages. Or one bottle and two glasses. Or two bottles and one glass. How ever you do the math, we’ve included specially with this bag a folding divider to keep your valuables from clinking around. The refined details of the D by Dominie Collection include the highest quality craftsmanship and Proposition 65-compliant materials, while maintaining practicality and uncompromising style. The clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane is resilient to scratches, cracks, yellowing, and wear, and can be simply cleaned with a wipe. Every handbag in the D by Dominie Collection is stadium and tournament regulation compliant thanks to the invention of our removable, interchangeable liner system. Each Wine Tote comes with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, a folding divider, and a chardoney liner! We have a spectrum of additional liner colors that can be purchased separately at any time to change your look or match different outfits.

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