An effervescent essence with a regal edge, Diana lights the way with coveted style, verve, and the utmost grace. Wit and wonderment combined with a compassionate nature, generous to a fault – the ultimate Princess of the heart, adored for all time.

The Diana silhouette is made with crocodile or alligator with the softest kid leather and suede, complemented with platinum silver medallions, embellished with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and black or white diamonds.

Behind the Bag: with Dominie

Q: What keywords would you use to describe the Diana?

Dominie: Elegance, grace, timeless classic, simple yet sophisticated, poised.

Q: Who or what was your source of inspiration when designing the Diana?

Dominie: When I was thinking about designing the Diana, I thought about the kind of person who would carry the bag. I wanted to create a bag that was fit for royalty. Princess Diana’s benchmark for elegance and sophistication inspired me to create that design.

Q: The Couture Collection has a variety of different exotic skins and materials; what informed your choices for the Diana?

Dominie:  I chose crocodile and alligator because I wanted to touch the bag and experience an exquisite texture. The inside of the bag is just as important as the outside. It’s personal for a woman, like lingerie. No one else knows what she’s wearing, but it makes her feel special. It should just feel luxurious when she puts her hand inside the bag, so I wanted it to feel equally exquisite. That’s why I chose

Q: The Diana is unique among the Couture Bags for being available in plethora of sizes. What lead you to this choice?

Dominie: I wanted it to fit different women, but I also wanted to make one that could be used as a weekender. Even in its extra large size, in jet-black crocodile, it’s still very regal. It’s fitting to carry onto your private jet.