Truly triumphant, vivacious, and smart as a whip, Scarlett dreams in living color. Setting out on a journey of the self, she reaches her destination – only to discover an oasis of aspirations and achievements. The great escape to a brilliant future has already begun.

The Scarlett backpack style silhouette is handcrafted in crocodile or alligator with a luxurious kid suede interior, embellished with silver platinum palm trees and leaf swirls, adorned with sapphires, emeralds and black diamonds. 

 Behind the Bag: with Dominie

Q: What keywords would you use to describe the Scarlett?

Dominie: Strength, beauty, smart, sophisticated, fresh, light, and flirty.

Q: Who or what was your source of inspiration when designing the Scarlett?

Dominie: I was inspired after the current fashion icon, Scarlett Johansson. She’s young, she’s worldly, and she’s a traveler; like her, there’s a lot of vitality to the design.

Q: The shape of the Scarlett is one of the most unparalleled in the fashion world. Is it a leaf? Is it a crocodile head? Is it a water drop? What inspired this silhouette?

Dominie: I wanted it to be able to rest comfortably on the back, so when you put the straps on, it just nestles into the small of your back. It’s very curvy and feminine.

Q: From the body design to the assortment of colors you have picked, the Scarlett seems to carry a vibe of blissful escape. Where is your dream location for the bag to be carried?

Dominie: Like Monoco, like St. Tropez, … it’s definitely an exotic vay-cay type of bag. My original concept art for this bag places it on a simple windowsill dressed with wood shutters that are partly swayed outward, revealing a sprawling white beach at sunset and palms that fade into the warm horizon. 

Pricing available upon request